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30th Nov 2021

You can now watch Santa and his elves preparing for Christmas on free live stream

Kieran Galpin


Santa is hard at work – his elves, on the other hand, are another story entirely

If you get into the Christmas cheer more than most, then you’ll be happy to know that you can now watch Santa and his elves prepare for Christmas via a free-to-view live stream.

This totally free live stream gives viewers a peek behind the Christmas curtain to watch Santa and his elves get ready for their busiest season.

So far, the stream cycles between the mailroom, the wrapping station, workshop, office, reindeer pen and Santa’s living room – but before you scurry off to YouTube, we couldn’t spy any PS5s hanging around the workshop.

Santa is sometimes seen taking a break with Mrs Claus, who clearly doesn’t know about his sidepiece that broke the internet last week. Meanwhile, the elves are no different – enjoying games of tag and messing around while their boss isn’t cracking the whip.

One content parent wrote: “My 3yo keeps asking where Santa is and what he’s doing.

“Luckily there’s a live Santa cam on YouTube!

“Search ‘watch Santa Live 2021′, goes between Santa, reindeer and the elves’ workshop.”

The big question is: does Santa’s workshop meet health and safety requirements?

Another replied: “I’ve put it on for my 10yr old and 5yr old and the both absolutely love it!”

“Just seen this and put it straight on for my teenager,” a third wrote. “Working a treat! Thank you.”

So far only a small number of elves have been spotted, which undoubtedly means Mr Claus has not granted YouTube access to his larger workstations.

What could he be hiding? PS5s perhaps – or maybe some less than reputable working conditions.

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