Secret Santa: The top 10 Christmas gifts for under a tenner 5 months ago

Secret Santa: The top 10 Christmas gifts for under a tenner

Here's how to not give a sh*t Secret Santa gift

Struggling with that Secret Santa gift? Well, we're here to help.


With Christmas just weeks away, it's high time you start wrapping your head around what to get gift-wrapped for that friend, colleague, or relative while bearing in mind that it can all go ho-ho-horribly wrong if you miss the mark.

It's a fine line at Christmas, between utter crap and a thoughtful nick-nack, something funny, and something that might get you fired. You might also want to take it a bit seriously. It's Christmas after all... be a little thoughtful.

Here are our top 10 gifts for under a tenner.


(All prices correct at the time of writing)

1. Avocado huggers, £5.99 (Charlies)

Avocado huggers, for the millenial in your life (credit: KitchenCraft)

No, this isn't the new name being given to Millenials. These silicone cases are for when you're in the mood for avocado, but not a whole one.

Whether it's for a little smashed avocado on toast, an addition to a smoothie, or just a slither to garnish a dish, use these avocado huggers to keep the other half fresh for next time.

2. A boar bristle beard brush, £7.99 (Amazon)

Brilliant alliteration with this boar bristle beard brush (credit: Amazon)

Know someone whose beard is their pride and joy? Well, this could well be the perfect gift for them. Not only will it help tame and soften facial hair, but it will also keep it perfectly in place, as this set comes with a little comb, meaning the lucky recipient will never leave the house looking unkempt again.

Alternatively, this could make a pretty funny gift for those struggling to sprout much facial hair.

3. Magnetic wristband, £7 (MenKind)

The magnetic wristband for all your DIY needs (credit: MenKind)

The perfect gift for someone who enjoys a bit of DIY, this magnetic wristband could be a masterful addition to their toolbox. The simple gadget allows the user to keep hold of screws, without actually having to keep ahold of them at all. Say goodbye, to losing screws in pockets.

The wristband even has pockets for non-metallic items such as plastic wall anchors. Perfect for working on ladders or in tight spaces.

4. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, £9.99 (Prezzybox)

This book could save your life (credit: Prezzybox)

There are two types of people in the world - dog lovers and cat lovers. But we all know that only one of those animals is cunning enough to plot against you.

So that's why this funny and whimsical book is the perfect gift for cat lovers and anyone with a feline friend, providing an amusing insight into cats, with cartoons, jokes, and facts to help you get inside the mind of your pet.

And maybe even stay one step ahead.

5. PlayStation playing cards, £6.99 (Just Geek)

These retro PlayStation cards come with their own console-shaped tin (credit: Just Geek)

A nice little gift if you're looking for a present for someone who is into gaming or who may just be a bit of a self-professed geek.

These PlayStation cards look great with their retro look and the classic logo on the back. They even come with their own tin shaped like the original console.

Maybe make sure the person you're buying for isn't an Xbox fan first though.

6. Marvel mug, £6.00 (MenKind)

Just like the Hulk, there's nothing subtle about this mug (credit: MenKind)

The Marvel universe has some of the most passionate fans in all of pop culture, so what better gift for a die-hard fan than this mug, allowing them to proudly display their superhero love at home or work.

With classic comic strip across the side and the massive, unavoidable, red MARVEL on the handle, it's certainly not subtle.

Another warning with this one though: check they're not a DC stan.

7. Superhot Chilli Powders, £6.50 (Not On The High Street)

These chilli powders are not for the faint-hearted but will be sure to provide a kick to any meal (credit: Not On The High Street)

An easy one if you're looking for a gift for a foodie or that colleague/friend who always orders the hottest curry on the menu.

These miniature chilli powders contain some of the hottest chillies ever tested apparently, which all have very ominous names such as the Scorpion Moruga, the Butch, and the Ghost Powder.

The powders come with a little fact card about them, and you can even get a little bag and personalised message to go with them.

8. England shirts since 1966 poster, £4.99 (Classic Football Shirts)

Reminisce about the glory and the heartbreak with this poster of England football shirts (Classic Football Shirts)

One for the football fanatics. Over the years the Three Lions have had some beautiful shirts, and fans love nothing more than a retro kit full of memories and nostalgia. From the glory of '66, the tears of Italia '90, all the way up to the heroics of Southgate's side this year, they're all on display in this lovely poster.

But there's plenty of other stuff over at Classic Football Shirts. Whether it's Celtic shirts since 1965, all the home kits from the France '98 World Cup, or Cristiano Ronaldo's career in shirts, there's bound to be something you can find here if you draw a footy fanatic in your Secret Santa.

9. 52 Things To Do While You Poo, £6.99 (Waterstones)

Yes, this is a real book and yes, that is the author's name (credit: Waterstones)

Know someone who likes to take their time in the bathroom? Well, here's something that might help keep them entertained while they're doing their business.

This book provides puzzles, activities, and trivia for the reader to take in whilst they enjoy a leisurely sit on the toilet.

The author, Hugh Jassburn (which, as far as we can tell, is his real name) has a whole series of toilet literature as well, so check out some of his other stuff if you want to get the entire collection.

You should probably only get through a few pages at a time though because it turns out we shouldn't be spending too long on the toilet...

10. Bullshit button, £8.99 (Prezzybox)

Saving the best until last I'm sure you'll agree.

We all know someone that this button could be used for, and if you can't think of anyone then I regret to inform you that you are that person.

Probably one for a close friend this one, and not a colleague. But we'll let you make that judgement call.

So there you have it. If you're still struggling with gift ideas at this point then I apologise but we can't help you any further. You're on your own now.

And if you receive any of these gifts over the coming weeks then you may have an idea of where the buyer got their inspiration.

Your welcome. Merry Christmas.

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