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27th Apr 2018

WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil spectacularly faceplants on his way to the ring, ends up underneath it

Wil Jones

Sliding into your DMs like….

On Friday, the WWE held ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’ – an unusual even in Saudi Arabia, featuring a 50 man Royal Rumble, loads of nostalgic returning superstars like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker, and every title on the line (apart from the women’s championships, as no female performers on the show).

It was strange, fascinating event. But the greatest moment came when midcard wrestler Titus O’Neil ran down to the ring, and this happened:

Not only did he trip, and fall flat on his face – he somehow managed to end up under the ring. The commentators couldn’t hide their laughter, with Michael Cole proclaiming “That may be the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

Even his fellow wrestlers were making fun of him on Twitter:

This wasn’t actually the first time O’Neil has slipped up like this. Back when he first debuted on WWE NXT in 2010, O’Neil made a similar slip, live on TV.

So was his slip all pre-planned? Was it an in-joke for long-time wrestling fans? WWE showed several replays of the slip on the broadcast – normally when things go wrong, they cut away quickly. Like many things in wrestling, truth and fiction can often be hard to differentiate.

But who cares when it’s given us the best gif of 2018 so far.


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