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18th Jan 2016

We might have to wait a while for season two of Master of None

Kevin Beirne

There’s no rush to make a second season of the Netflix smash-hit Master of None, according to the show’s creators.

Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang have described the first season as “a labour of love” and feel no need to force another season out any time soon, no matter what fans may want.

“We’re figuring it out. I need some time to refill my head,” Ansari – who also stars as the show’s protagonist, Dev – told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour, before adding the he wants to make sure “whatever we do for season two lives up to what we made in the first season.”

i want it now

Yang reflected his co-runner’s thoughts, saying: “We really put a lot of aspects of our life into this show, and that’s part of the reason we don’t want to rush into season two.”

The two were quick to assure fans that they plan to continue with the show, which has gained critical acclaim and proved to be one of the most popular titles on Netflix in 2015 according to viewing figures leaked last week.