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17th Jun 2024

Vin Diesel invites Putin for dinner in completely ludicrous Father’s Day message

Charlie Herbert

vin diesel putin

So many questions

Vin Diesel decided to invite Vladimir Putin for dinner as part of a Father’s Day message on social media.

In a post on Instagram, the 56-year-old urged the Russian leader to “not let foolishness dictate the future” in a bizarre message.

The Fast & Furious star shared an AI generated image of a car, alongside a teaser around what fans can expect from Fast X – Part 2, the next installment in the never-ending action saga.

He wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to you all… while location scouting in Europe for Riddick, the concept art from Fast X Part 2 keeps pouring in… wait until you see the American road trip. Haha.

“On a side note… I saw warships off my country’s shores. Hmmm. I’m not the Tucker type…. As a father my kids live in that country. Hmmm.”

Vin Diesel then decided to have a go at some geopolitics by inviting Russian president Vladimir Putin for dinner in the Caribbean.

“Putin, I will fly to the Caribbean,” he wrote. “Come have dinner. Let’s not let foolishness dictate the future.”

The weird Father’s Day post left many understandably baffled, with some saying they “had to sit down” after reading it.

One person joked that the post “should be “deserves to be framed”, adding: “So many insane things here. The concept art is AI. Vin Diesel invites Putin to dinner. A reference to a tucker, seemingly Carlson but it’s anyone’s guess. The random Haha as its own sentence to end the first paragraph. He’s on another level.”

Someone else commented: “This is what it’s like inside my ADHD brain. Just pinballing from topic to topic but I’ve never seen anyone just write it out like a stream of consciousness style.”

It is not yet clear if Putin has taken up the offer of dinner in the Caribbean, but this isn’t the first time the actor has tried to get in touch with the Russian despot.

Back in the days of the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, he named Putin as one of his nominations to take part in the trend.

Putin declined the offer, with a spokesperson telling Russian media: “We’ve had other things on our agenda.”

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