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09th Oct 2023

Viewers struggle to get through first trailer for Planet Earth III

Charlie Herbert

Viewers struggle to watch Planet Earth III trailer

‘I want to want to watch this but I feel like it will ultimately be too terrifying and depressing’

Viewers have been left with mixed feelings after watching the trailer for David Attenborough’s latest wildlife series, Planet Earth III.

The third Planet Earth series will be the final installment of the acclaimed BBC nature documentary show.

Once again, it will provide viewers with incredible footage of our planet and the outstanding creatures and habitats that exist.

But the show, just like other Attenborough projects such as Blue Planet and Frozen Planet, has never been afraid to shy away from the unavoidable reality of climate change and the impact this having on countless species on planet Earth.

As the climate catastrophe only worsens across the globe, Planet Earth III will be no different.

And as it always the case with a BBC nature doc, the music is suitably emotional and epic.

Watching the trailer, many found it difficult to get excited for the series as it highlights the damage humans have done to the planet.

Reacting to the clip on Reddit, one person wrote: “Nature docs are getting harder and harder to watch these days. My heart just breaks every single time thinking about how it’s all collapsing.”

A second person commented: “I want to want to watch this but I feel like it will ultimately be too terrifying and depressing.”

Someone else agreed, saying that whenever they watch Planet Earth it fills them with “dread and sadness.”

Another user said: “Every time Attenborough starts talking about how he has literally seen the planet dying over the decades he has been doing nature documentaries it breaks my heart.”

Sir David Attenborough will once again be providing the voice for the documentary, with the legendary broadcaster receiving praise from the show’s executive producer Mike Gunton.

He told the Guardian: “Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David, so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series.

“As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen.”

Planet Earth III will be made up of eight episodes. The first seven episodes reveal the amazing ways in which animals have evolved over time. However it is the eighth and final episode which sets this season apart from the rest.

The eighth episode is about human beings, in particular the human beings who work to try and save animals from going extinct.

An exact release date for Planet Earth III has yet to be announced, but the series will be broadcast later this year.

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