TV host 'mortified' over Adele interview blunder 5 months ago

TV host 'mortified' over Adele interview blunder

Oh, mate. That's just poor

An Australian TV presenter made a rather unbelievable and easily avoidable gaffe before interviewing Adele ahead of her new album's release last week: he didn't listen to it.


The singer-songwriter's highly-anticipated fourth album, 30, dropped this past Friday November 19 and Channel 7's Matt Doran flew to London to interview the beloved songstress on November 4 to discuss it ahead of time.


However, the 37-year-old ended up admitting mid-interview that he had only listened to one track off the album (the lead single, 'Easy On Me', released back in mid-October) and the interview was canned there and then.

Sony - the parent organisation for the independent record label, XL Recordings, who Adele signed to for a reported £90 million back in 2016 - have refused to release the since-scrapped Adele interview, which is reported to have cost Doran's employers around $1m (Australian) to secure and pay for his crew. That's basically around £500,000 for nothing.

A fellow journalist who is unfortunate enough to share the Weekend Sunrise presenter's name in this instance did his best to crack wise at his namesake:


Doran is, unsurprisingly, "mortified" after his mistake, insisting that "it was an oversight but not a deliberate snub" as he claims he simply missed the email that contained a preview copy of the album that people have been clambering to hear.

He told The Australian newspaper: "This is the most important email I have ever missed." Meanwhile, others in the industry are genuinely riled up by what they see as a "sloppy" excuse for journalism and wasted opportunity for those working hard.


Nevertheless, those genuinely excited to hear the album were treated to a pre-recorded TV event made for its release on ITV this past Sunday evening. The 90-minute special entitled, An Audience with Adele, featured performances of new tracks and iconic hits from throughout her discography, all well as questions from fans and celebrities in the audience.

In one particular moment that has captured the hearts of the nation, the 30-year-old singer was reunited with her old English teacher on stage - the woman she claims is largely responsible for her love of literature, language and becoming a lyricist.

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