Queen, Charles and William unite in BBC boycott threat over new Royals doc 7 months ago

Queen, Charles and William unite in BBC boycott threat over new Royals doc

The Royal Family look to be forming a united front

It would seem that not all is well with the Windsors as senior Royals are said to be displeased with an upcoming documentary by the BBC that shows warring amongst members of the family.


According to the Mail on Sunday, it is believed that the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are even threatening a BBC boycott over the documentary project due to air on Monday, as it is said to depict suggestions of in-fighting among the family.

Sources state that the programme entitled, The Princes And The Press, will focus not only focus on William and Harry but claim that the two have apparently planted smears against each other in the media.

Prince Harry has admitted the pair are on 'different paths' Credit: Getty

Naturally, a Palace source has slammed the documentary as "tittle-tattle", adding that not has it left the Queen "upset" but the family considering an end to the open communication with the BBC and their willingness to cooperate on future projects.

Part of the reasoning behind the potential BBC boycott is the fact that no member of the three royal households involved has been able to see any of the two-part BBC Two documentary, which is set to be presented by Amol Rajan.

It is understood that the Queen and royals aren't willing to comment on the situation, however, an insider suggested "There is upset about it. The households are all united in thinking this is not fair."


As for Prince Harry, it is unlikely we will hear anything from him either as he continues to distance himself from his royal reputation.

The Princes And The Press will air at 9pm on Monday, November 22nd, with an accompanying BBC Sounds podcast.

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