This hilariously bonkers film gives us a taste of what GTA would be like in VR 5 years ago

This hilariously bonkers film gives us a taste of what GTA would be like in VR

The age of virtual reality video gaming is finally upon us.

PlayStation's own headset launches in the UK this week and considering what the tech is already capable of, it's no surprise that people are wondering what might be possible in the not-so-distant future.


But one VR experience we'll be staying well clear of is GTA. A brilliant new video from Corridor Digital has a go at imagining what the world's favourite violent crime-em-up might look like as a holodeck simulation, and quite frankly, we need a lie down.

Anyone who's played GTA 5 will need no reminding of the Trevor the raging psychopath, and in a very clever move the folks at Corridor managed to sign up Steven Ogg, who played him in the game.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 21.24.55


The set-up is this: a young gamer is understandably excited when a brand new Googel. Tesela. Appel. Verzine Model T2000 (you get the joke) VR system lands on his doorstep.

Moments after putting it on Trev rocks up, potty-mouthed as ever, and the two of them (only one voluntarily) head out for an afternoon of excessive law-breaking.

There's car-jacking, high-speed chases, explosions, bloody shoot-outs, tanks and even a brief Iron Man cameo (Trevor blames the mod community).

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 21.26.09


We don't blame the poor bloke for losing his lunch over the side of the car when the visceral carnage just gets too much.

This is obviously a humorous take on the VR phenomenon, but it's totally conceivable that GTA could exist in that space one day. Would you have the stomach for it?

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