A British Poketrainer has caught all 143 monsters in Pokemon Go 5 years ago

A British Poketrainer has caught all 143 monsters in Pokemon Go

Even before it was released in the UK, we've been obsessed with Pokemon Go.

Finally, after all these years, we would get the chance to become Pokemon masters in our real, actual lives (okay, maybe not our actual lives but a pretty cool augmented reality).


With a goal to catch 'em all, millions of people all over the world set out on their quests and have seem some pretty great results for both their physical and mental health.

Because of its delayed release in the UK, we were always going to be a few steps behind our American counterparts when it comes to completing the game by catching all the available Pokemon.

Over a week ago, the first American came forward to say they had completed the game, walking over 150km in the process. And now we appear to have our first British winner.


Sam Clark, a 33-year-old from Southampton, says that he has managed to catch all the Pokemon available in the UK - as well as hatching the supposedly region-locked Taurus from an egg.

What's more, Sam says he has lost an astonishing two stone since the game's UK release on July 14.

Here's a look at his Pokedex, showing his collection of 143 Pokemon.


Speaking to The Mirror, Sam - who runs an online gaming community called Cyberjam Gaming - explained that he completed his set when he found a Lapras in the back of a Primark.

Sam sang the praises of the game, saying it was the realisation of something he had hoped for as a child and describing the friendly community aspect of the game that has grown naturally since its release.

"I think I am the first person in the UK to have the full set," he said.

"I pretty much played every hour I could. If I saw Pokemon in the street outside my house in the night I would run outside in socks to chase after it.

"This is the game I've waited for for 20 years. It's taken this long for the technology to catch up.

"It brings people together - there is no competition, everyone is just chuffed if you catch them. It's unreal - when you are in the park you can tell who is looking for them and everyone smiles and waves."

Fair play Sam. Guess we better step our games up.



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