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09th Jun 2018

There’s a conspiracy that Love Island’s Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer knew about each other before the show

Wil Jones

What is even real?

While this year’s Love Island so far has been dominated by The Uncoupling of Kendall Rae-Knight By The Snake Adam Collard, the slow burn growing relationship between Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer has been one of the growing subplots that could come to define this year’s run.

Only, it’s all a set up. It’s all fake.

Well, that’s what some fans of the show believe. In the first episode, Jack seemed shocked when Dani revealed who her famous dad is – despite the fact that her name is actually ‘Dani Dyer’. He later told the beach hut cameras: “When Dani told me that her dad’s Danny Dyer, I just thought ‘what?’ I’m not going to lie to you, I love him as an actor.”

But internet detectives think they have dug up stone cold proof that this is a bare faced lie, and the whole thing. And where have they found this? Instagram, of course.

According to OK! Magazine, Jack actually liked an Insta photo of Dani and her dad all the way back in April.

Look, where it says “Liked by jack_charlesf”.

Obviously, this is all the proof you need, right? Everything is a sham. The whole show is Fake News. Nothing is real anymore.

OK! go on to say that Jack’s social media is currently being looked after by his friends and family. So it was probably them who liked it. But we’re not having that. They’re just a patsy, a stooge. The man has gotten to them too. You can’t silence us. You can’t silence the truth. The truth wants to be free.

The people aren’t letting it stay hidden.

Next you’ll be telling us that The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea aren’t 100 per cent truthful. We don’t know what to think anymore. What is even real? Help us. Hold us.


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