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28th Jul 2017

The brilliant reason The Rock used to sell Stone Cold Stunners the way that he did

He used to go way over the top. And it was great

Darragh Murphy

Nobody ever committed to a finishing move the way that The Rock did when he fell victim to a Stone Cold Stunner.

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment suffered dozens of Stunners in his day and that’s not exactly surprising given how well he sold them.

The mechanics of the Stunner are basic… Stone Cold Steve Austin would kick his opponents in the gut and, when they’d inevitably react by bending over ever so slightly, Austin would turn his back and cradle the victim’s head between his biceps and palm. Then he’d drop to the canvas, backside first, sending shockwaves through his opponent’s body.

Most would simply fall to their backs upon impact.

But not The Rock. He’s far too much of a showman for that basic shit.

The Brahma Bull would sell the Stunner as if he’d been tased and, without fail, he’d throw himself through the air in ridiculous fashion.

Brilliant, right?

Well Dwayne Johnson, as he goes by more often nowadays, has revealed that there was a very good reason for his decision to oversell one of the most iconic finishers in professional wrestling history.

He responded to comedian Hannibal Buress on Twitter on Thursday to explain how he used to bet Austin cases of beer that he could continue to make his reactions more and more ludicrous.

Does anybody else miss the golden age of WWF right about now?