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11th Jun 2022

The Boys Season 3 gets 1 star reviews as viewers outraged by nudity, violence and ‘political agenda’

Danny Jones

It’s never been a show to hold back

The Boys season 3 is being review-bombed after some viewers have been left outraged at the sheer level of nudity, male in particular, following the latest series’ debut earlier this month.

The hit Amazon Prime show has already been confirmed for a fourth series and plenty of fans are well and truly enjoying yet more over-the-top dark superhero action, but others seem to have taken issue not only with the sheer amount of graphic content but the underlying political statements too.

If you take a look at just a handful of the on-site reviews from this latest season, fans have been calling it everything from “softcore fetish porn” and “sexually depraved” to “BS woke crap”, “political agenda-driven drivel” and simply “unwatchable”.

The Boys season 3 review

People hate The Boys season 3

The Boys season 3 outrage nudity political agendaThe Boys

Believes us when we say there are a lot of these – so much so that we’re just going to leave you to it if you want to see read more.

Although we couldn’t ignore his particular individual who spent quite a lot of time explaining just how much he hated it.

The Boy season 3 review bombed

Tell us how you really feel.

Fans were left flabbergasted from pretty much minute one, in fact, after the showrunners chose to include a truly wild fatal penis scene in the first episode.

In contrast, Chase Crawford – who plays The Deep on the show – has revealed how his bulge was actually edited out of the final cut. The character was always intended to be well-endowed but Amazon execs were said to have taken an issue with the actor wearing a large prosthetic to create the “comically large” effect.

While we can’t deny the Seth Rogen-produced show isn’t pretty brutal and unreserved at times, it’s not like the showrunners didn’t have form for this based on the past two series and the graphic novels it is based on — graphic being the operative word.

The same can be said for its political content, with the premise of the show centring around the global elite and how superheroes would be marketed and manipulated were they to exist in the real world. Moreover, they have previously touched on issues like toxic masculinity and the MeToo movement, corporate America as well as targeting right-wing politics in general.

In case you’re intrigued to see the kind of stuff everyone is up in arms about, here’s a little taster

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead (though there is nothing about this scene that’s mild):

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