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22nd Jan 2018

The actor who played Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda looks completely different today

James Dawson

He also has a surprising new job.

It’s mad really, isn’t it, how much people change as they get older?

Take David Beckham for instance. He’s gone from a squeaky voiced teenager making his debut a Man United, to one of the best paid men in fashion. Between that he was transformed from a national pariah, after getting sent off against Argentina, to England’s saviour scoring that goal against Greece.

And, whilst he is hardly as big a part of the cultural imagination as Becks, another famous person to have had a complete makeover since he first came to prominence is Jimmy Karz.

He played the cake-eating Bruce Bogtrotter in the 1996 Roald Dahl adaptation Matilda, but 22 years on he looks a whole lot different.

As you can see here.

He was 12-years-old when he played Bruce, but he looks a lot skinnier now and also appears to have left Hollywood behind him, with his last credited role on an episode of ER in 1998.

In fact, according to the Mirror, he is currently training to become a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

A strange world, isn’t it?