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09th Oct 2020

The Boys fans loved the massive climatic showdown with Stormfront

Wil Jones

*Spoilers for The Boys season two finale, obviously! You have been warned!*

The final episode of The Boys dropped on Friday, and fans have been blown away by one epic showdown in particular.

The Amazon Prime Video show has been releasing episodes weekly – how old school – instead of dumping the episodes all in one go like most streaming shows do. And that has only built anticipation for the finale amonst fans.

And that finale did not disappoint.

In particular, fans were treated to the confrontation between Stormfront, and Kimiko, Queen Maeve & Starlight they had been waiting for.

The scene starts with Kimiko attacking Stormfront, and things look bleak when she seemingly breaks Kimiko’s neck. The tide turns though when Queen Maeve arrives, overpowering Stormfront, and the three heroes lay into her.

Fans on social media called it “the best moment of the series so far,” while others suggested that the team of Kimiko, Queen Maeve & Starlight could beat the women of the Marvel Cinema Universe and that the trio could star in a live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot.

Season two of The Boys started with new hero Stormfront joining The Seven, who starts to become more of a hit with the public than the otherwise-untouchable Homelander. However, she was revealed to Nazi, which is what made her getting totally destroyed by Kimiko, Queen Maeve & Starlight so satisfying.

And how good is the moment when Kimiko pops her neck back in?

The second season of The Boys launched on September 4th. Amazon has since announced that it was the most-watched global launch of an Amazon Prime Original Series ever, and got double the amount of people watching as season one.

A third season of the show has already been confirmed, and there is also a spin-off in the works, focusing on a college for young superheroes.


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