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14th May 2023

Sweden’s Eurovision win branded a ‘fix’ by fans

Steve Hopkins

‘Evidence to support the claim is starting to stack up’

Eurovision fans believe Sweden’s win was “fixed” because the contest will now return to the country 50 years after ABBA was victorious.

They also think they’ve spotted another clue during the Liverpool event that further undermines the win.

Loreen, who had already won the contest before, became the first woman in history to win twice, when her song, ‘Tattoo’ was ruled the best Saturday. Her victory also meant Sweden has now equalled Ireland’s record seven Eurovision wins. Loreen won in 2012 for ‘Euphoria’.

The singer topped the leaderboard with 583 points and won the jury vote, Finland’s entry – ‘Cha Cha Cha’ by Käärija – wasn’t too far behind with 526 points and got the highest score from the public. The UK got 24 points but was pipped to last place by Germany. Twenty-six acts competed for the title.

Fans of the content have called for the jury system to be dropped, suggesting it “brings the contest itself into disrepute”.

Beyond frustrations about the points system, fans also raised concerns that the contest will now return to Sweden exactly 50 years since ABBA won the contest with ‘Waterloo’.

Some went as far to say it wasn’t a coincidence.

And then there’s a theory concerning a microphone.

Some fans believe Loreen’s crowning was pre-arranged as the 39-year-old was spotted still wearing her microphone after she performed.

One fan asked on Twitter: “Did they already give Loreen the head mic for her performance? Or is this just for the interview, do they normally double-mic people?”

Another suggested previous winners shouldn’t be allowed to compete again, as it is “unfair on the up-and-comers who have no publicity yet.”

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