Superbad is officially the funniest film of all time, according to science 1 year ago

Superbad is officially the funniest film of all time, according to science

Experts say that Superbad is the funniest film of all time

No matter what your preference in film genres may be, everyone loves to watch a comedy from time to time to be reminded that life can in fact be hilarious.


Experts at OnBuy Movies set themselves the task of finding out what the funniest comedies of all time are.

The experts analysed IMDb reviews as a way of finding out which movie took the top spot. A list of the top 125 most popular movies listed as a 'comedy' was collected from IMDb.

The amount of reviews for each film containing keywords synonymous with 'funny' and had a review rating of more than six were used as the metric to rank each comedy film.


According to 'science', the iconic film 'Superbad' was crowned the funniest comedy film of all time, with nearly 250 reviews containing keywords similar to 'funny.'

Released back in 2007, the film focuses on high school students who want to make the most of their time together before they go to different colleges. It just does not quite go to planned. This is not one to be missed.

Despite being released over a decade ago, the comedy remains a favourite among many film lovers today.


Deadpool came closely second, after receiving 233 reviews characterising the film as 'funny'. Ryan Reynolds was the star of the American superhero film.


In last place came the 1985 classic 'Back to the Future', with only 147 reviews classifying the film as amusing. While this will come as a disappointment to many, it just shows how broad film preferences can be.