Streets Of Rage 4 looks exactly as awesome as we'd hoped 3 years ago

Streets Of Rage 4 looks exactly as awesome as we'd hoped

We thought they just didn't make games like this anymore

There was something about just pushing the direction pad to the right, right, always to the right, and anyone who crossed paths with you, got punched in the face.


Or kicked in the face.

Or, if you had built up the energy bar, some kind of fireball to the face.

Streets Of Rage (or, more specifically, the much better Streets Of Rage 2) was gameplay distilled down to its most perfectly addictive elements: action, amazing snyth-y soundtrack, and perfectly roasted chickens found under bins whenever your energy was getting low.


However, that was nearly 30 years ago now, and games have - for better and for worse - moved on quite a bit since then. What hasn't moved on though, is the love of all things nostalgic, which is why Streets Of Rage 4 is inbound, and it looks properly brilliant.

The graphics have been given an upgrade, the combo system looks perfect - as you and a mate play volleys to keep a bad guy in the air for as long as possible - and that soundtrack sounds as cool as ever.

There is no official word on a release date, or even if it will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, or if it will be a mobile game, but whatever it arrives on, and whenever it arrives there, we'll be first in line to buy it and play it!


Clip via Dotemu