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12th Oct 2021

Schools warns parents not to let their kids watch Squid Game

Charlie Herbert

School has to warn parents not to let their children watch Squid game

Children should not be watching Squid Game – for a number of reasons

A school has had to warn parents not let their children watch the hugely popular Netflix series Squid Game because of the unsuitable nature of the show.

Anyone who’s watched the series will realise that – despite children’s games being at the crux of its narrative – it is absolutely not suitable for younger viewers, in any way.

Sex, death, violence, suicide, swearing – if you can think it up, it probably features at least once in Squid Game.

Despite this, Conyers School and Sixth Form in Yarm on Teesside has felt it necessary to tell parents that children under the age of 15 should not be watching the show. Which is fair enough really, considering that the show is actually rated as only suitable for those aged 15 and over.

In a post on its Facebook page, the school wrote: “Squid Game – Online Safety Alert & Guidance for Parents.

“The series is certified 15 and depicts sex scenes, nudity, extreme violence, self-harm, suicide, bad language.

“The advice external bodies would give would not be any different to advice we would give about any other TV or film not suitable for children.

“If they are not of the age to meet the certification, then they shouldn’t really be watching that series/film.”

The school then attached the Netflix parental guide to the post.

There have been fears that children may try to copy some of the scenes from the show in the playground, with a number of schools saying that children were imitating the show.

Safe to say, Squid Game has taken the world by storm. The South Korean series has topped Netflix charts in 90 countries, and is on track to be the streaming platform’s most popular non-English show ever and is already one of its most successful series.

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