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09th Apr 2024

Shaun of the Dead, one of the best British films ever, returning to cinemas for 20th anniversary

Charlie Herbert

How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Shaun of the Dead is one of the greatest British films of all time.

The film turned 20 years old today, having been released on April 9, 2004. To celebrate, Shaun of the Dead will be returning to cinemas later this year.

Ever since it’s release, the story of two aimless 30-somethings whose meandering lives are turned upside down by the small matter of a zombie apocalypse has gone down in British cinema history.

It grossed $30 million worldwide on a budget of $6.1 million and received critical acclaim, holding a score of 92 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s difficult to think of many more films from the last 20 years that have had as much of a cultural impact. Along with spawning the much-loved Cornetto Trilogy, the film played a significant role in the revival of the zombie genre.

This is before we even get onto the countless moments from the film that are still quoted to this day.

Go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this to all blow over. F**k-a-doodle-doo. You’ve got red on you. Getting a Cornetto from the shop. The timeless question “what’s the matter, never taken a shortcut before?” The list goes on.

Of course, it is also a very good film. Along with being absolutely hilarious, this is a proper zombie film that features some brilliant gore and some heart wrenching moments.

Let’s not forget that this is a film that sees the main character have to mercy-kill his mum.

It’s a hell of a slice of fried gold.

Along with being re-released in cinemas, Shaun of the Dead is being remastered in Dolby Vision and Atmos, so what better way to watch David get his gory comeuppance or see Shaun, Ed and Liz fight off zombie hoards to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now?

It’ll certainly make a nice change from watching it at 11pm on a Friday night on ITV2.

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