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05th Jul 2021

Richard Madeley labelled ‘dangerous’ after arguing with Sage scientist over lockdowns

Danny Jones

For some people, he isn’t just Partridge personified, he’s a “dangerous” voice to have on telly

Richard Madeley is back amongst it and this time it’s nothing to do with an eccentric Alan Partridge-like gaffe. Madeley was presenting Good Morning Britain with co-host Susanna Reid as the pair spoke to two guests about the ongoing debate surroundings masks and whether we should wear them after Freedom Day on the 19th of July.

One of those guests was Professor Susan Michie, a British psychologist and scientist employed by SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), whom he attempted to take to task on a number of issues, including over her political views. You can see the full clip below:

As you can see, in addition to asserting that Michie was intimating that the general public should keep wearing face masks even beyond the end of Covid restrictions on July 19th – as well as suggesting that she had U-turned on her stance to face coverings over the past year – Madeley then went on to ask if her politics as a communist were influencing her advice.

Michie, 66, has been a member of the Communist Party of Britain (formerly the Communist Party of Great Britain until 1991) for more than 40 years and, as such, has drawn criticism from some over her recommendations surrounding coronavirus restrictions.

Noting that he is speaking on behalf of those people, Madeley pushes on the issue as to whether her politics “informs her sense of control and whether she has “a political bent to want the state to tell people what to do”.

Unsurprisingly, Michie responds by saying she has only come on to talk about science, citing that other guests invited on from the scientific community are allowed to do so. Several viewers of the show took to social media to express their disappointment at his line of questioning.

While several who backed Madeley for questioning the SAGE and official data that suggests face coverings will affect the level of coronavirus transmission cited that she was primarily a behavioural psychologist and not a scientist – at least not in their set definition – others pointed out that he also argued with Dr Hilary Jones, the show’s resident medical expert.

When Hilary explained that vaccines didn’t provide “100 per cent protection”, Madeley said: “You’re using percentages to make the case here, but that’s a bit misleading. Because yes, the percentage rise in hospitalisations has gone up, I think 24 per cent, that sounds a lot but in real numbers, it is starting from a very low level.”

Hilary replied: “But it’s increasing”, to which Madeley simply: “But it would, wouldn’t it?” Hardly the most constructive and informative discussion the show has seen.

In the replies to clips shown by GMB itself, one commenter gave their verdict, labelling Madelely a “dangerous man”: