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14th Apr 2022

New BBC radio show will broadcast half an hour of Labrador noises

April Curtin

This is actually fur real

Dog-lovers can relax themselves by listening to a new radio show which will take them through a day in the life of a Labrador.

As part of its ‘slow radio’ project, BBC Radio 3 will follow the day in the life of Honey, a 15-year-old, fox-red Lab.

Honey – A Day In The Life Of A Dog, is the name of the new show, which will capture the noises the Labrador makes and hears throughout her day. Sounds such as how a dog breathes while she dreams or the noise of the pooch rushing to greet the postman will be aired, the Daily Mail reports.

The 30-minute show will follow different parts of Honey’s daily routine – from the excitement of breakfast time, to a wander around the garden, a stroll on the beach and an interaction with human friends.

Golden Retriever holds owner's hand in park

‘Slow radio’ is a new trend which describes shows that help listeners detach from everyday chaos by using more relaxing, reflective sounds. The idea branched from ‘slow television’, which saw BBC4 create shows which took viewers on two-hour canal trips or watch how a simple glass jug is made.

Previous ‘slow radio’ broadcasts on Radio 3 have included sounds of the Earth, a sound portrait of Riley Square in Coventry and contented Irish cattle.

July is when Honey is coming to steal the show.

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