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03rd Jul 2017

Rachel Riley explains why she’s such a big fan of the new Countdown set

"That's an improvement!"


Series 77 of Countdown is upon us.

Monday saw the first episode of the latest series which will be the twelfth hosted by Nick Hewer.

A new, bluer set was put together for the upcoming series and the self-professed ‘numbers lady’ of the show is a big fan.

Rachel Riley has revealed that a flaw in the previous set saw her repeatedly get stuck to the pedestal on which she stood and have to ditch her footwear in the middle of a taping. But her new surroundings should not cause her any such problems.

“I like the copper,” Rachel said of the new design, via the Express. “I definitely like the copper.

“The old set used to have tiny little holes all the way around where this board rotates, my heels got stuck over and over,” Riley continued.

“So quite often I’d get stuck in a letters round and take my shoe off and carry on. So that’s gone, that’s an improvement.”

Hewer never experienced the plight of having his heels stuck in the furniture but he was just as excited about the new set.

“It’s a very exciting day for us here because it’s the start of series 77. And actually, as we ushered out the winners of series 76, in came the set designers,” he said as he introduced the opening episode.

“And look what they’ve done. It’s extraordinary! A lovely new set.”