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31st Mar 2021

Pokémon card listed on eBay for $9.99 sells for over $300,000

Danny Jones

A rare Charizard sold for well over a quarter of a million dollars and it isn’t the first

Pokémon is 25 years old this year and though many of us left our card-collecting and deck-building days behind us some time ago, the brand is still alive and well.

Not only have new generations got a taste for the franchise with the Nintendo Switch games and Pokémon GO, but the OGs who started out in the 90s are still out there trying to ‘catch em’ all!’

As per Kotaku, one lucky eBay seller just netted $311,800 for a rare ‘Shadowless’ first edition holographic Charizard Pokémon card from a base set back in 1999. He put it up for a tenner.

The cards value comes down to a number of things: firstly, its age and the fact it comes from the base set just a year into the phenomenon; two, it is in mint condition – PSA 10 Gem Mint, to be specific and, thirdly… it’s a Charizard. We all wanted that card, don’t act like you don’t remember.

While we’ve all heard of these highly rare cards being snapped up by collectors over the years, what’s even more striking is that two more almost identical cards went for even more just last year. Who knows how much people are still paying for the various other cards in the Pokédex?

Believe it or not, there are actually several price checker services, like CardMavin, out there. Even if you don’t happen to have the rarest card known to man, it’s worth any former ‘Pokémon Trainers’ digging out their old sets of cards seeing what they might be worth.

It would seem Pokémon’s following is just as dedicated as ever and we’ve gotta say, that brings a childlike smile to our faces. Who fancies a battle? I think I still have my Game Boy Advance SP in a cupboard somewhere.