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25th Jul 2023

Piers Morgan slams Barbie film for being ‘demonstrable lie’ in huge rant

Steve Hopkins

‘In short: men are evil oppressors, women are unimpeachably perfect victims, and anyone who dares challenge this notion is a disgusting misogynist’

While Barbie might be breaking records at the box office, naturally, Piers Morgan isn’t buying it.

In fact, he’s torn it to shreds.

The Greta Gerwig film scored a US$377m (£293m, A$560m) opening weekend around the world, making it the biggest debut ever for a film directed by a woman, The Guardian reported. At the North American box office – which combines the US and Canada – Barbie claimed $155m in ticket sales, surpassing The Super Mario Bros Movie and every Marvel film released this year to become the biggest opening of the year.

Writing in The Sun, Morgan let rip on the film that came out July 21 and stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles. He began by unpicking the concept of “the patriarchy” which the said has been “hijacked and corrupted by feminazis to suggest that every aspect of life and society is dominated by powerful privileged males over subjugated under-privileged females.”

Morgan continued: “In short: men are evil oppressors, women are unimpeachably perfect victims, and anyone who dares challenge this notion is a disgusting misogynist.”

Barbie, Morgan wrote, “does nothing to dissuade anyone from this view.”

“The movie’s clear message is that the only solution to this dreadful patriarchal state of affairs is for women to rule the world, and preferably do so on their own without horrible men to ruin both the planet and them.”

Morgan said the “ridiculously misandrist message that is now being rammed down the throats of literally tens of millions of people as Barbie smashes box office records around the world”.

The TalkTV host then went on to attack the plot.

He summarises it as such: “Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, exists in Barbie-land with myriad other Barbies who tick every possible woke virtue-signalling box – there’s a trans Barbie, a wheelchair-bound Barbie, and President Barbie is a black woman.

“This is a feminist Utopia where the Barbies are all-powerful and the Kens, led by Ryan Gosling, are a bunch of second-class, useless halfwits. Then Barbie and Ken are transported to the supposed ‘real world’ where, predictably, they discover that it’s all great for men and terrible for women.

“Ken quickly embraces the despicable ‘patriarchy’ with breathless bro enthusiasm and becomes an entitled, arrogant, macho doofus. Poor Barbie, meanwhile, instantly becomes an objectified, imperilled, vulnerable victim of men who leer at her and treat her with horrible disrespect.”

Morgan argues that the “real world” is “chock full of confident, high-achieving women who would laugh at such a derisory mischaracterisation of their status in life” and so the movie doesn’t accurately portray the ‘real world’.

And accuses the movie of being “based on a demonstrable lie” because of its representation of “Alpha male Will Ferrell” as running Mattel as opposed to the true leader of the toy company Ruth Handler – the “woke world rarely lets facts get in the way of a good whine.”

But he wasn’t finished there. While admitting he’s a huge fan of Robbie, the 58-year-old claims the “biggest irony of the film” is that she only got the role “because she’s exceptionally beautiful.”

Morgan concludes: “The bottom line is this: if I made a movie mocking women as useless dunderheads, constantly attacking ‘the matriarchy,’ and depicting all things feminist as toxic bullsh*t, I wouldn’t just be cancelled, I’d be executed.”

Read Morgan’s column in The Sun here.

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