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24th Jul 2023

Barbie fans claim they can ‘hear atomic bomb go off’ in Oppenheimer

Joseph Loftus

Barbenheimer: The weekend to end all weekends has been and gone.

All of the talk, all of the games, the memes, the planning, the prosecco, the laughter, the tears. All of it’s over now and Monday is here once more.

Barbenheimer was billed as the biggest weekend in 2023 film due to the same day release of such polar opposite blockbuster films, Oppenheimer and Barbie.

Barbie, a fantasy comedy about the legendary Barbie doll, and Oppenheimer, a three hour long epic about Mr. Robert Oppenheimer, the chain-smoking manic depressive inventor of the atomic bomb.

It’s been reported that over the weekend Barbie beat Oppenheimer in ticket sales and broke numerous records across the world. That being said, however, Oppenheimer was not very far behind.

In some cinemas both movies were shown at exactly the same time, and in some of those movie theatres, the power of Oppenheimer’s bomb could be felt in the Barbie showing next door.

Taking to Twitter, one person who went to see Barbie, wrote: “The best moment of our #Barbenheimer experience was just when America Ferrera finished the pivotal #Barbie monologue we heard the #Oppenheimer explosion next door. It truly punctuated the truth bomb nature of it all.”

And they weren’t the only ones. Another person wrote: “Me during the barbie screening hearing the oppenheimer bomb on the other theater knowing what was coming next.”

A third wrote: “The theater SHOOK during barbie because we could feel the oppenheimer bomb.”

Now I wish I’d gone to see Barbie to be honest.