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19th Feb 2017

People are ridiculously excited about the prospect of Stormzy and Louis Theroux buddying up

Time for a collaboration?


They might move in different circles, but it would be fair to say Stormzy and Louis Theroux are two of the more universally popular British celebrities in 2017.

The grime artist and the documentary maker are masters of their respective crafts, and clearly respect one another.

They demonstrated as much in a short Twitter exchange, leading plenty to speculate that we might well see them working together at some point in the future.

And if that wasn’t enough, we had this extra bit of excitement courtesy of Snapchat.

After getting his own personal Nando’s burger and taking hundreds of fans to Thorpe Park for his birthday, could a collaboration with Theroux be next on the cards for Stormzy?

The BBC favourite may well be up for it – after all, he ought to have his pick of subjects after absolutely killing it regardless of what his shows have been about.

So…Louis Theroux on Grime, anyone?

For now let’s just bask in the best and most unlikely bromance of 2017.

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