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22nd Feb 2024

People are only just discovering ‘Netflix’s best horror series’ from years ago

Ryan Price

It’s a Korean thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

We’ve been spoiled with several top tier films and tv series coming out of Korea in recent years, most notably the much-loved Squid Game and the mind-blowing Parasite.

There’s another gripping series originating from the same neck of the woods, and its been available to watch on Netflix for over two years.

It’s called All Of Us Are Dead and it follows a class of hormonal high school students who find themselves faced with a major zombie virus outbreak and, as you can imagine, chaos ensues through the hallways and sports fields of their school grounds.

There’s something about watching an apocalyptic virus outbreak story in the years following a global pandemic that just makes it hit different, and the setting of an urban high school really works in this 12-episode nail-biter.

Much of the cinematography is really graphic and has the effect of almost making you want to look away. Think The Walking Dead, but instead everyone’s too preoccupied with their phones and grappling with teen angst to really take the threat of the potential end of the human race seriously.

All episodes range from about 55 to 70 minutes so there’s plenty to get through if you’re looking for a weekend binge.

The acting, considering most of the cast were more than likely born in this century, is really raw and natural, which only adds to the feeling of unease that you get while watching.

While this series hasn’t benefited from the hype and promotional push that helped Squid Game along when it was initially released back in September of 2021, it holds its own in terms of narrative and pace. I’d be very surprised if you weren’t hooked by the close of episode one.