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22nd Mar 2024

Paul Rudd says Gogglebox wouldn’t work in America because Americans aren’t clever enough

Callum Boyle

Get him on the show!

Paul Rudd has revealed that he is a huge fan of the Channel 4 show Gogglebox.

While sitting down with JOE to discuss his role in the brand new Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Rudd discussed the differences between life in the UK and the US.

As well as admitting that the UK have a much better array of confectionary snacks, including chocolate, the actor opened up on how he likes to unwind after a day of filming.

Television and films of were also things he felt were better in the UK, which is where his love for Gogglebox was revealed.

Speaking to JOE, Rudd said: “I love Gogglebox.

“I love it so much. Whenever I arrive in the UK it’s the first thing I watch. It’s always on and I always watch it.

“I even watched the celebrity version last night.”

He went on to admit that despite it’s success in the UK, it wouldn’t take off in his home country.

Rudd added: “I don’t think we could do it in our country. We’re not quick enough.”

Maybe this is the sign to get Rudd back to the UK to feature on the next Gogglebox celebrity special. I’d definitely watch that.

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