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10th Feb 2022

The ‘off-limits’ sex act that left Married at First Sight bride baffled

April Curtin

The term was Googled 1200 per cent more than usual in the 24 hours after the show aired

A Married at First Sight contestant has revealed the one sex act that was off limits during the production of the show – and it left her baffled.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Married at First Sight Australia (or any of them for that matter), you’ll know that not many topics are off limits.

After all, these couples have never met before but begin a marriage instantly – meaning they certainly have a lot to fill each other in on.

Sex, of course, is a hot topic of conversation – both between the couples and amongst others, as well as with the experts.

And while we’re used to hearing about certain styles and specifics they like in the bedroom, one sex act a groom declared “off limits” left his bride completely confused.

Not because she didn’t agree but because she had never even heard of it.

It was on Tuesday night’s episode that contestant Andrew Davis was boasting about his experience in the sack. He supposedly has a “body count” (ew) of 350, which he was super keen to share on national TV.

It was during this discussion that he started telling his new wife Holly Greenstein what he was not prepared to do in the bedroom.

“There are some things off-limits,” he said, “Like, no pegging. There’s no going down that road with you.”

It is unclear what reaction the groom had expected. Either way, it was unlikely to be the one he got.