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23rd Feb 2022

New version of The Office ‘in the works’ with Australian female boss

Danny Jones

The Office Australia in the works for Amazon Prime

The next Brentmiester General is set to be a woman living down under

An Australian version of The Office is reportedly in the works and tipped to be coming to Amazon Prime Video.

As reported in Australian outlet The Herald Sun, casting is apparently already underway for The Office Australia (unconfirmed title) with comedian Magda Szubanski thought to be currently tipped to play the boss.

As well all know, it was the character of David Brent that launched Ricky Gervais‘ career – among many others – all the way back in 2001; moreover, while Steve Carrell had certainly been around in Hollywood for many years, it was his turn as Brent’s American counterpart, Michael Scott in The Office US, that made him a household name too.

While little else is known about the show at this early stage, it is also believed that native Aussies Isla Fisher and Jim Jefferies are linked with the project. Could they be the new Tim and Dawn/Jim and Pam? Or does Jeffries’ style of comedy make him a closer fit for Gareth/Dwight? Who’s to say?

In truth, we’re a little surprised there hasn’t been an Aussie adaptation already, with the critically-acclaimed and highly popular original series having already been remade in 11 different countries over the past 20 years.

We’ve already seen how successful the exploits of the respective paper companies Wernham Hogg and Dunder Mifflin and their mockumentary sitcoms were in the past 20 years, not to mention how much of a cult-following their equivalents have enjoyed in other countries.

To be honest, it’s been nearly a decade since The US Office concluded and we’ve been without our quintessential fix of cringe humour long enough, so we’re absolutely down for The Office Australia. One might even say down under (sorry).

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