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20th Jan 2022

Ricky Gervais says UK version of The Office is better than US version

Adam Bloodworth

Michael Scott won’t be best pleased

Ricky Gervais has confirmed once and for all which series of The Office is best.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 60-year-old actor confirmed that money talks when it comes to making the decision over which version of the comedy comes out on top.

“I thought the British Office was the best, but my account assures me it’s the American,” Gervais said.

The Celebrity Net Worth site call the US version of The Office “one of the most lucrative shows in syndication history, earning billions of dollars in royalties and fees. As a result, Gervais continues to regularly earn tens of millions of dollars off the show when a deal is renewed or it is sold to a new platform.”

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The US audience seemed delighted as they laughed and cheered – but they might be disappointed to learn that a recent critic survey ruled that actually, the UK Office was better.

A total of 206 TV experts from 43 different countries banded together with the BBC to bring together what they reckon are the top 100 shows of the century so far.

The Office UK made it into the top 10, appearing at number nine, however the US Office – which some fans have argued is better than the UK version – was lower down the list at 39.

It’s not the first time Gervais has spoken about the rivalry between the shows. Speaking on The Office Deep Dive podcast, Gervais responded to the competition between the versions.

“I remember once, after syndication, someone on Twitter sent me a tweet that said ‘The American version of The Office is so much bigger and better than yours. How does that make you feel?'” Gervais said.

He then responded to his own question, saying: “F***ing rich.”

Ricky Gervais reckon this generation will be cancelled by the next

Gervais and his co-creator Stephen Merchant were both Executive Producers on the American version of the show, so it’s in Gervais’ interest that both do well.

Both shows were critically acclaimed on release, although the US version of the show included far more episodes.

While the UK Office only ever had 14 episodes, the US Office ran to 201 episodes over nine seasons.

In the UK version, Gervais played cringe-magnet office boss David Brent, whereas in the US, comedian Steve Carrell played Michael Scott, a similar type of character to Brent but living in Philadelphia rather than Slough.