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06th Nov 2023

Missing pig named Kevin Bacon reunited with owners with help from Kevin Bacon

Missing pig Kevin bacon

‘Bring Kevin home!’

A family has been reunited with their pig Kevin Bacon – after the intervention of the pig’s human namesake.

The pig had been introduced to its farm home in Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania, by Chelsea Rumbaugh on October 13.

The next day, Kevin broke loose from his pen but didn’t leave the property and was quickly returned to safety.

But it wasn’t long before he made another run for it, and this time went missing for two weeks in the woods around the family’s farm.

Writing in a Facebook group she set up called ‘Bring Kevin Bacon Home’, Rumbaugh explained: “We were so close [to the pig], my 16-year-old was petting him.

“He stayed close but eventually took off into the woods.”

Rumbaugh used the Facebook page to share sightings of the pig and her efforts to get him back in his pen.

It wasn’t long before the story caught the attention of the human Kevin Bacon, and he shared a story about the missing pig on his Threads account.

He captioned the post: “Bring Kevin Bacon home!”

Post by @kevinbacon
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Eventually, the porcine Kevin was taken down with a sedative-laced sticky bun, which tired him out enough for him to wander back to his pen for a snooze.

“Did it, perhaps, take the edge off enough for him to wander a little more freely? I think so. He had walked right into the pen, and all I had to do was shut the door behind him,” Rumbaugh said.

To stop him escaping again, the pig’s owners have reinforced his pen with concrete below the ground.

Speaking to CBS 21, Rumbaugh said she was relieved to have Kevin back and said she believes he could have a “life of stardom” ahead of him – just like the Footloose star.

“It feels so good to have him back, and it feels even better that we did it so slowly and by making him comfortable first and trying to build that trust with him. I’m just so relieved we did it that way,” said Rumbaugh.

“I do think he has a life of stardom ahead of him,” she continued. “We have plans for our property for an open to the public farm and offer services for children and adults who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression and Kevin is going to be here for all of that too.”

The Facebook page charting the hunt for the pig has now been changed to Kevin’s Home Adventures and on Saturday Rumbaugh announced the family have set up a GoFundMe page so they can get their plans up and running.

“We are asking for $2500 to just help get us started. We would put this toward fencing in a much larger area for Kevin and other animals, a few heaters (we are attempting to build a small greenhouse with second hand materials), and other small building costs,” the GoFundMePage read.

“We hope this is the start of being able to give back to our community a LOT. We are currently saving up for a used truck & trailer and hope to welcome goats soon.”

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