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25th Apr 2016

Maisie Williams says she only did Game Of Thrones because she wanted a laptop

Fair to assume she has earned enough for one now.

Carl Anka

Maisie Williams is the latest Game Of Thrones star to not mince words about why she took up the role.

The teenager – who plays Arya Stark – is the next actor to join Ian ‘Tits & Dragons’ McShane and Stephen ‘Stannis’ Dillane on with their thoughts on the well-regarded show.

And it appears that Maisie only wanted to star in the show to get some money together to afford a laptop.

Talking to the Guardian, Maisie said:

“The thing I was really obsessed about was whether I would earn enough money to buy myself a laptop. My step-dad Gary just looked at me and said, ‘I think there’ll be enough for a couple of laptops Maisie’.”

Although to give all the stars credit, who could have predicted a fantasy show about swords and dragons could become one of the biggest shows of the decade?

The interview capped off a big weekend for Maisie, who spent Sunday joining some unsuspecting Game Of Thrones fans for a impromptu screening party of the Season 6 premiere. Of course, having not seen it yet, we’re trying not to pay too much attention because of spoilers.

The new season of Game of Thrones starts April 24. Here’s how you can watch if you don’t have Sky Atlantic. And while you’re here, take on our quiz – How Many Characters Can You Name From Game Of Thrones?