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15th Jun 2022

Love Island star features in shocking rap video about ‘hurting women in sex’

Kieran Galpin

A friend has said Remi does ‘not condone violence about women’

The latest contestant to enter the Love Island villa is an amateur rapper whose songs include incendiary comments about hurting women during sex.

While Love Island has never been a moral beacon, the latest contestant already has a harder job of winning after his rap career was revealed. Remi Lambert, 22, entered “Gemma’s Island” on Tuesday night, where he introduced himself as a model.

But the Manchester-born man, who goes by the rap alias Remi Lambo, has another career he forgot to mention, reports the Mail Online.

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In a track called “Superhero”, Remi Lambo raps: “Don’t care if you’re peng, you’ll still get left on pending and saved for later.

“Broke her pum pum it needs a cast.”

In another song called “Mr Grey”, an obvious allusion to Fifty Shades of Grey, he compares himself to the titular character and raps: “Unless we’re talking Fifty Shades, I don’t do strings attached.

“Blow her back out, climax, then blackout.”

While online users have argued that the line refers to ‘good sex’ in a colloquial manner, others have pointed out that it comes across as violent towards women because of the language used.

A close friend told the outlet that he doesn’t “necessarily agree with how women are described in rap music in general.”

But he emphasised that “Remi does not condone violence about women” and that there was no malicious intent behind the lyrics.

“He would be upset at the suggestion, and we hope people see the real him on Love Island,” they added.

Love Island is on every night on ITV2 besides Saturdays.

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