Love Island embroiled in 'race row' as fans respond to ‘unjustifiable’ final 8 months ago

Love Island embroiled in 'race row' as fans respond to ‘unjustifiable’ final

The Love Island final has been embroiled in a debate about racism in media and the UK as a whole

Love Island 2021 concluded on Monday night as Millie and Liam won. While many fans were happy, dubbing the couple deserved winners, their victory has also sparked somewhat of a race row among some fans of the hit ITV2 show.


As the four couples gathered around the stage to hear their verdict, a large part of the audience was shocked to hear Laura Whitmore confirm Kaz and Tyler had finished in fourth place.


Viewers couldn’t understand what had gone wrong how Kaz and Tyler had somehow managed to fall behind both the winners and Faye and Teddy - the couple who came third and who many claimed appeared were the weaker couple in comparison.

Social media has been awash with aggrieved and disheartened fans, with several claiming that the decision points towards "blatant yet subtle racism" in the UK.

One person wrote, “Faye and Teddy beat Tyler and Kaz? That’s just racism. Because you can’t even match their energy and attraction,” while another claimed that “The UK is so open with their racism. Look at how it showed in the Love Island finals. Y’all voted in levels of blackness. Now y’all know damn well Kaz and Tyler deserved second place at the least".


Taking issue with the winners themselves, one fan wrote: “Not surprised Kaz and Tyler came 4th but apart from casual racism, colourism and racial preferences a white mediocre bland couple is once again rewarded with 50k. Not forgetting Liam's antics in Casa Amor we can gladly say that this was premeditated by the producers.”

On the other hand, many have defended the victors, insisting that Millie and Liam's relationship was the strongest. as well as noting how “Some people here are forgetting Amber Gill won the show in 2019. It’s not racist, Millie and Liam were the best couple there and they deserved to win”.

Did you watch this year and, if so, what do you think?


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