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23rd Apr 2015

Louis Theroux to be the subject of new documentary made by Scientologists


Yes, you read that right. Louis Theroux is set to have the camera turned on him by the Church of Scientology.

Theroux’s documentaries always make for fascinating viewing, but it’s fair to say he’s ruffled a few feathers down the years.

One particular group he hasn’t seen eye to eye with is Scientologists, who are now trying to get their own back (hopefully in true Dave Benson Phillips gunging fashion) with a TV programme of their own.

Theroux has a feature length documentary about to hit cinemas and film festivals called Stairway to Heaven: Louis Theroux and the Church of Scientology.

That may go some way to explaining why he has become the focus of their attention, and we’ll be watching how this unfolds with great interest.


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