Line of Duty fans think H gives up identity in finale after new trailer 1 year ago

Line of Duty fans think H gives up identity in finale after new trailer


The trailer for the final episode of Series 6 of Line of Duty has dropped, sending viewers into pandemonium as they seek out hints and clues, embodying the detective element of the show.


Aside from the fact it's a brilliant trailer that has me gasping for some more AC-12 action, there is one massive hint in the trailer that many fans have noticed: a typo.

Cast your mind back to last week's episode, when Jo Davidson was communicating with who we think is 'H', operating under an 'Unknown' username. The 'Unknown' account sent a message describing Eastfield Depot as "definately high risk."

This misspelling of the word 'definitely' triggered memories of previous seasons for Line of Duty fans, who noticed the same mistake be made by the same 'Unknown' account when talking to John Corbett (RIP) in Series 5.


The same typo, incidentally, was also made by Ted Hastings when he was pretending to be H on the same communication service. A red herring, surely?

Anyway, the trailer for this series' finale displays the same typo written down on paper, highlighted.

We're not sure whose handwriting that is, but fans seem to think this will be the final undoing of H. You can have all the bent coppers in your pocket you want, but you can't run from the grammar police.


BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker led the charge, and did not hide his excitement.

One eagle eyed viewer spotted the mention of Operation Lighthouse on the paper, which could potentially point towards Carmichael being the sloppy speller.


Other people are just straight up losing their shit. And fair play.

We can't be sure of anything going into the final episode, but it's definately going to be carnage.