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21st Apr 2023

John Leguizamo says he tips waiters and valets with $100 bills as it’s not right to tip less

Steve Hopkins

‘You can’t tip with $20 bills. People are going to throw that back at you’

Hollywood star John Leguizamo has spoken about giving back, one tip at a time.

The actor, who made his name playing Luigi in Super Mario Bros in 1993 before going on to star in a string of hits, including the John Wick franchise, spoke about tipping during a recent appearance on Good Morning America. He was on the show to promote his sci-fi show, The Power.

The 62-year-old revealed that he always carries around a wad of cash, a few hundys, in case he has to tip waiters, valets and other service staff.

“Come on, this ain’t the ’70s,” Leguizamo said.

“You can’t tip with $20 bills. People are going to throw that back at you.”

Leguizamo, who is said to be worth $25m, said he isn’t “cheap”, and wants to ensure people are paid fairly for their hard work.

“You’ve got to give back,” he said.

“If people are giving you their best service, and you don’t tip them? Come on, who are you?

He then added: “I’m not a cheapskate.”

Leguizamo’s new TV series is based on Naomi Alderman’s 2016 bestseller, also named The Power, and he plays the character of Dr Rob Lopez.

The synopsis for the 10-art series by Prime Video reads: “The Power, is an emotionally-driven global thriller, based on Naomi Alderman’s international award-winning novel.

“The world of The Power is our world, but for one twist of nature. Suddenly, and without warning, teenage girls develop the power to electrocute people at will. The Power follows a cast of remarkable characters from London to Seattle, Nigeria to Eastern Europe, as the Power evolves from a tingle in teenagers’ collarbones to a complete reversal of the power balance of the world.”

Leguizamo explained on Good Morning America how women in the show’s universe develop the ability to shoot electricity from their bodies.

“Can you imagine a world where women take over? It’d be a great place. So that’s what this series is,” Leguizamo said.

“Teenaged girls develop an organ through evolution to protect themselves, and it gives them electricity.

“Static shock for some girls, nuclear blasts for other girls – and men are afraid.”

He added: “It’s a great, scary, powerful series.”

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