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16th Dec 2022

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 325

Charlie Herbert

Joe Friday pub quiz week 325

Have yourself a merry little Quizmas

Hello there.

You had the work Christmas party last night didn’t you? I do hope you struck the right balance between making a bit of a fool of yourself but also still being able to show your face on Monday.

Apparently today is the day most Brits will be hungover this month, because of work parties last night. I am neither going to confirm nor deny my current state of wellbeing.

I will also not be commenting on any nasty rumours circulating about me having to quickly hop off a bus in the early hours due to some queasiness (I know, legend alert).

They call it the most wonderful time of the year for a reason you know.

And before we get into the quiz, a quick apology to any Argentinians here. I realise that ahead of the World Cup final I’ve done a round on France but not on Argentina. This is unintentional. If it makes you feel better I will be backing Argentina on Sunday, and hope to see Villa’s number one, Emi Martinez, hold that trophy aloft.


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