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09th Dec 2022

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 324

Charlie Herbert

joe friday pub quiz 324

Hello you lovely people

I’m running out of things to write here, so this week I’m just going to give you the words of the one and only Tom Skinner (but I am sadly not in the famous Dino’s cafe, and did not have a full cooked dinner at 6am this morning):

Guys, whatever you are doing today, go and give it 110 percent, don’t stop until you are proud because so many people out there are going to want to see you fail, trust me they are!

Don’t let them have that opportunity. Go out there, don’t give up, even if you are feeling like you can’t keep going, you can, find it within and keep marching on!

Now have a blinding day, and I’ll see you all soon.


I couldn’t agree more Skinner. So without further ado, it’s time to quiz.

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