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14th Jun 2023

Jeremy Clarkson gives update on Clarkson’s Farm return

Charlie Herbert

Jeremy Clarkson provides update on when season three of Clarkson's farm will arrive

It may not be the news fans are after…

Jeremy Clarkson has given fans an update on when we can expect the next season of Clarkson’s Farm.

The hit Prime Video series sees the former Top Gear host as he attempts to run a 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds, Diddly Squat farm, along with his farmworker Kaleb Cooper.

The second series of the show was released on Prime Video in February, after it was confirmed last October that it had been renewed for a third series as well.

But since then, Clarkson has been the centre of controversy over a column he wrote in the Sun about Meghan Markle, in which he said he hated her on a “cellular level.”

This has prompted uncertainty from fans over the future of the show, and some reports that the 63-year-old had been sacked by the streaming platform and Clarkson’s Farm had been canned.

However, season three appears to very much be on the way, which Clarkson confirmed responding to a comment on Instagram recently.

However, fans may have to wait longer than they were hoping for.

Commenting on a post from a fan page asking “who’s excited” for season three, Clarkson wrote: “We actually won’t finish filming it till October. There’s something we are trying which won’t be resolved till then. So it’s a while off yet.”


Of course, Clarkson’s Farm isn’t the only Prime Video show the presenter fronts. He also stars on The Grand Tour with his former Top Gear co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond.

But May recently hinted that the end might be nigh for the trio.

Variety reports that Clarkson is unlikely to appear in any new shows on the platform after 2024, and May reckoned the show would probably come to an end if his mate wasn’t a part of it.

He told LADBible he doubted the series would continue without Clarkson, saying: “I don’t think anybody would want to see it.”

He continued: “I don’t think they’d want to see any two of us try and carry on the thing that the three of us are known for together.”

In a separate interview to the Radio Times, he explained that the trio were “getting quite close to the end of our contract”.

He added: “We didn’t really have any particular plans to keep going because we’re all really just getting a bit old. It might be time to let someone else have a crack at it.”

May stressed that it doesn’t mean the trio are going to stop making TV, “We might still make our individual things – farming or science or mending cars or whatever it is we get up to

“But I don’t know, to be honest. No one has told us to go away. It’s reaching its natural end, like parties do. There comes a point at 4am when it is over.”

Fans will be treated to another edition of The Grand Tour in just a few days, with The Grand Tour: Eurocrash released on Friday June 16. This will see the trio head to central Europe for a road trip nobody has ever thought of, in cars nobody would ever dream of. 

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