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08th Sep 2021

Jackass hospital bills total £24 million throughout their career

Danny Jones

Jackass have racked up a massive medical bill over the years

‘Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to the emergency room’

The Jackass crew have reunited for their one last hurrah, Jackass Forever, and in the build-up to the film’s release people have been looking back at their best/worst moments (depending on your perspective).

Given the highly reckless, dangerous and often downright stupid nature of both the show and the movies, one aspect of their comic escapades that people have taken an interest in is their medical bills. It won’t surprise you to know they are utterly ginormous.

According to personal injury lawyers, Nova Legal Funding, the estimated total cost of their medical bills and personal injury claims works out at approximately $24 million – £17.3m. Safe to say their bodies weren’t the only things that have taken a hit in three series and six mainline movies, not to mention other projects.

The LA-based firm totted up 79 different injuries recorded by six members of the main Jackass crew over more than two decades of the stunt and comedy crew’s career.

Unsurprisingly, ringleader Johnny Knoxville ranks at the top of the ‘Jackass Injury Rich List’, with a whopping $8,663,000 to his name; somewhat more surprisingly, Steve-O comes in third with $5,820,000 after being beaten out by Ehren McGhehey, who racked up $7,380,00. In fairness, he is the same guy that did stuff like this.

In terms of the most expensive injuries, Knoxville’s serious brain haemorrhage in 2020 while the guys were shooting the latest film, due for release in February 2022, is estimated to have cost around $2.5m alone. Steve-O’s skull fracture cost an estimated $1.75m, and Dave England’s surgery after sustaining a neck injury cost approximately $1.5m.

It’s fair to say that the boys have been willing to put almost everything on the line for their art. Jackass Forever will be the last ride for the foolhardy funnymen and although the world will surely miss their antics, they’ll be glad to no longer rack up medical bills like they’re world records.

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