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20th Feb 2023

Influencer left in serious pain after recreating Doja Cat’s iconic fashion show look

Steve Hopkins

‘After 9 hours in a makeup chair and 30K stones… here we are’

An influencer recreated Doja Cat‘s iconic Paris Fashion Week look, but it left her in a bit of a panic.

American model, Haley Kalil, decided to take on the biggest fashion challenge possible for the Vogue party at New York Fashion Week – to imitate Doja look from January, where the performer had 30,000 Swarovski crystals applied to her face and body.

To achieve the look Haley had to sit in a chair for nine hours while thousands of stones were placed over her skin.

While she achieved the look, Haley soon realised that getting the stones off was going to be just as hard.

In a TikTok video that’s been viewed 9.6m times, Haley, dressed head-to-toe in red, says: “So I may have done a thing, now I don’t know how to undo a thing.”

Haley quickly found herself in a lot of pain and anguish.

@haleyybaylee DOJA DUPEEEEEE. After 9 hours in a makeup chair and 30K stones… here we are. Look by @samanthajaymes_ and team ? WORTH IT ? #NYFW #DojaCat ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

“I don’t know how to get it off my body,” she states.

“I’m covered in over 30,000 individual stones and they’re so itchy. So come along with me on this journey as I try and get them off. They’re on there pretty good.”

“I’m pretty nervous the paint underneath is going to stain,” Haley explains, before adding: “This is why we don’t make manic decisions, Haley.”

She then tried everything possible to get them off, from scratching, to using various liquids.

The influencer and model quickly realised it would be far easier to just jump in the shower to get the rest of the stones off and that’s exactly what she did.

Returning to the camera, Haley looked more-human, but was still stained with paint.

While Haley truly suffered for her art, she said the look was by far her favourite she’s done recently and that her skin has never felt softer.

Doja rocked the look in January, stealing the spotlight at the Haute Couture SS23 show held at Petit Palais during Paris Fashion Week.

Breaking the outfit down into its carefully-crafted constituent parts, fashion designer Schiaparelli outlined Doja’s “red silk faille bustier” and “hand-knit skirt of lacquered wooden bead”‘.

The performer also had what they referred to as “trompe l’œil toe boots,” where you could seen the individual toes on the boot.

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