I’m A Celebrity guards tackle intruder who breaks onto set in massive security breach 7 months ago

I’m A Celebrity guards tackle intruder who breaks onto set in massive security breach

I'm A Celebrity get me in there

I'm A Celebrity executives were on high alert on Friday evening after security tackled and apprehended an intruder metres from the camp.


On the evening of November 26, an intruder was able to bypass ITV's six-tier security system that even employs bulletproof detection robots.

The trespasser, who was unarmed, was able to slip past security and get within touching distance of Gwrych Castle, Wales.

The criminal was apprehended and taken back to the perimeter before he could interrupt the show or even glimpse the celebs.


Should the intruder have reached the camp, the entire show would have come to a standstill and removed from air due to the breaking of the Covid bubble.

An ITV source said: "The intruder in question has tried to break in earlier in the run but did not manage it.

"Everyone is on high alert as the safety of the cast, care and everyone involved is obviously the number one priority.

"It was a close call but the quick-thinking security staff realised there had been a breach due to various pieces of kit they have set up - including the Armadillo systems - and he was thrown off site immediately.


Another source also told the Sun: "A security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the location with immediate effect. The safety of both our celebrities and our production crew remains our primary concern."

The security for this year's show is like nothing seen before, with robots equipped with sirens and blinding lights stationed around the perimeter. ITV must have invested a small fortune considering they also have tech on-site that can disable drones from a distance.

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