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28th Nov 2023

I’m A Celebrity bosses receive furious legal letter from Nigel Farage aides over footage

Joseph Loftus

They claim an agreement has been broken

An absolute war of words has reportedly broken out between Nigel Farage’s camp and ITV after a legal letter is said to have been sent to the channel over their decision to share naked footage of the former politician in the shower.

According to a report, aides of the Brexit campaigner claim that there was an “indecency clause” in his contract which bans the channel from showing him in the nude.

An ITV source confirmed that they had received a letter from Farage’s legal team.

ITV are said to have responded straight away claiming that there is no such indecency claim in anyone’s contract.

A source told the Mirror: “All the celebrities are fully briefed before they enter camp that there’s cameras everywhere, except for the dunny.”

The news comes after Farage’s behind was seen by millions of viewers twice in the past week when he took a shower and a bath.

His lawyers allege that the apparent agreement has been broken.

A source close to 59-year-old Farage was quoted as saying: “The legal team were not exactly over the moon about the naked scenes being shown. It simply broke the clause in the contract.

“Nigel will be surprised at the incredible reaction to it when he comes out because, as always, he is just being himself in the jungle. Who knows – maybe he could even do a calendar next year.”

Both ITV and the spokesman for Mr Farage have so far declined to comment officially on the letter.

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