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25th Jun 2024

House of the Dragon star forced to limit Instagram comments due to hateful trolls

Charlie Herbert

ser criston

Some viewers are seemingly unable to separate the character from the actor

House of the Dragon star Fabien Frankel has had to start limiting comments on his Instagram account due to abuse he is receiving from trolls.

Frankel stars in the Game of Thrones prequel series as Ser Criston Cole. Without wishing to give too much away about his character, anyone who has watched the first season probably won’t have many fond opinions of Ser Criston, with Forbes going as far to say the knight is the ‘most hated guy in Thrones history.’

Just like with all great villains though, this also makes his character one of the most fascinating in the show, and someone that fans all love to hate.

But since season two of the HBO show started airing last week, it seems that some viewers have taken things too far and seem unable to separate the actor from the character.

A number of people have commented on his Instagram saying they “hate” him, forcing him to limit who can comment on his posts.

After people noticed this, many voiced their support for the actor.

One person wrote: “He’s so amazing at his job that people are mad at the actor because of the character.”

Another said: “We all can dislike Ser Criston but please for the love of god do not send hate to the actor! Separate the character from the actor. If anything he should be applauded for making a character so dislikable and convincing.

“Be kind to the actors please.”

A third commented: “How people can’t separate actors from characters is baffling.”