Grand Theft Auto V actors recreate famous cut scene in viral video 8 months ago

Grand Theft Auto V actors recreate famous cut scene in viral video

GTA fans are absolutely loving it

It's been over seven years since Rockstar blessed us with GTA V. As one of the most hotly anticipated games of all time with countless side missions and a huge map, it consumed countless hours of our free time. Well, for me anyway. Thank God they sacked off January exams that year.


And it remains one of the most popular games around. In 2020, it sold more than a million copies. Probably because we're all anxiously waiting for a new GTA release, but still. It's a brilliant game and it has aged incredibly well.

Unlike previous games, it featured three main characters, all with their own stories, that often interlinked: Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Each character was loved for their own unique eccentricities, particularly Trevor, who always seemed to be in a messy state whenever you switched to him. Franklin was adored for his no nonsense attitude and felt like a throwback to previous editions of the game.

Cut scenes are one of the best parts of GTA, and one cut scene in particular involving Franklin and his associate Lamar became etched in the mind of every GTA player, as Lamar roasted Franklin outside his house in the fictional city of Los Santos.

That cut scene has been recreated by the actors themselves in a video that has since gone viral on Twitter, with GTA fans in absolute adoration of the perfect similarity with the original scene on the game.

The video was created by PlayStation Haven, a network for gaming fans, and there are more clips like this to come in future episodes of their GTA vs Real Life comparisons series.

Watch the original clip from the game here, and then enjoy the recreation below. Warning: this video contains extremely offensive language.


The gaming community lost its collective mind over the clip.


One Twitter user said: "the logical end point of the "Lamar roasts Franklin" meme is getting the actual GTA V actors to recreate it."