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15th Apr 2017

Gogglebox sisters are criticised for making inappropriate ‘joke’ about United Airlines

Paul Moore

Not clever.

As is the norm with every episode of Gogglebox, Ellie and Izzy Warner, the sisters from Yorkshire who regularly appear on the show, analysed the week’s topical TV footage and one of the most pressing and serious segments featured Dr David Dao, the United Airlines passenger that was forcibly removed from a flight this week.

During last night’s episode, the Warner sisters were watching news coverage which explained the incident. After seeing Dao’s ordeal,  the two women instantly started laughing and joking about it.

Ellie said that the assault on Dao would make “an amazing Snapchat story” while Izzy said it would be straight to her story too.

Izzi added: “What caption would you do?’, to which she answered her own question with: “When they tell you no booze left on the flight!”

As stated previously, Dao suffered “significant” concussion, a broken nose and lost two front teeth.

In fact, the official Twitter account from Gogglebox even shared their remark via social media. This tweet received a fair amount of backlash from the public.