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27th Nov 2018

An all-new Game of Thrones Monopoly is coming

Wil Jones

Monopoly has come in almost as many versions as family arguments it has caused

There has been Star Wars Monopoly, Simpsons Monopoly, Monopoly Junior, various different country versions, special football team editions….

Just recently they announced ‘Millennial Monopoly’ – which was actually more aimed at your Daily Mail-reading uncle than real millennials – and also Fortnite Monopoly, which will actually appeal to young people.

Now, however, the game has made it to Westeros. Hasbro has revealed that an all-new officially licensed Game of Thrones version of the board game is on the way.

It is only fitting. Monopoly has caused so many family conflicts since it as first published in 1935, that it is only right that it should have a version based on the show all about backstabbing and severed alliances.

This is not the first GoT version of the classic board game – however, this new edition has had a complete overhaul and even plays the show’s theme song from an Iron Throne-shaped card holder as you go around the board. Apparently, this is the first time a licensed Monopoly set has included music.

It is the perfect thing to ruin Boxing Day afternoon – however, you will have to wait till next year for the new version though. The updated version doesn’t go on sale until January, though you can pre-order it now. Or maybe just get the old one.